Alissa Oram

Chief Governance  Officer


As Chief Governance & Compliance Officer Alissa Oram is responsible for designing, implementing and sustaining the business practices, processes, and systems necessary for a robust governance framework across the breadth of Africare’s activities.

Working closely with the CEO and the Board of Directors, Ms. Oram is focused on creating and promoting a strong culture of governance and accountability at Africare and ensuring that the planning, execution, and administration of all Africare programs, departments and systems are in alignment.

Ms. Oram has over 15 years’ experience in organizational development, management, and governance.  Prior to joining Africare, Ms. Oram served as Vice President of Accordia Global Health Foundation, an organization which she helped launch in 2004 and which merged with Africare in 2016.

Ms. Oram served Accordia in various capacities during its 12-year history including providing operational and financial oversight and worked closely with all Accordia key stakeholders and constituents including the Accordia Board of Directors. Ms. Oram began her career supporting tourism development in Central America. Ms. Oram holds a BA in International Politics from the Pennsylvania State University.

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