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Liberia (Google Maps)


Africare began operations in Liberia in 1992.

Since that time, Africare/Liberia has invested approximately $30,000,000 implementing projects addressing…

• Agriculture & Food Security
• Health, HIV & AIDS
• Humanitarian and Emergency Relief
• Infrastructure
• Maternal and Child Health
• Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
• Women’s Empowerment

Success in Liberia

Africare has been a consistent partner to the government and people of Liberia, leading sustainable, community-driven initiatives. Valuing local cultures and traditions, and incorporating them where possible into its programs, Africare partnered with “Trained Traditional Midwives” (TTMs) in its I-ROPE project to monitor pregnancies within villages and accompany expectant mothers to newly constructed maternal waiting homes as due dates near. To sustain this unique partnership and to engender a supportive environment, Africare launched a sewing and marketing training project to enhance the incomes of TTMs. Using local materials to support the economy and promote appreciation of African textile art, the TTMs were trained to design and reproduce contents of “Mama & Baby Kits” such as diapers, blankets and baby rompers, to be gifted to mothers as an incentive to give birth at a health facility. As the TTMs master their craft, Africare will seek out contracts for them to produce hospital “scrubs” and ultimately connect the TTMs to regional sewing and crafts co-operatives to reach wider markets.