Prima weight loss capsules test & review for united kingdom – experiences, buy cheap (2024)

Prima weight loss capsules – Are they really working? According to the manufacturer, you can reduce your weight easily with his new product. It is a further preparation, with which you should get rid of your pounds effortlessly.

What is behind the products and how they work – we wanted to get to the bottom of these questions and have tested the capsules for you. We also looked at the prima weight loss reviews from other customers and summarized all the relevant information for you in the following article.

What is Prima weight loss?

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These capsules are a dietary supplement made from natural combinations of active ingredients. The manufacturer of the Prima weight loss tablets promises that these will not only curb your appetite and reduce food intake, they will also suppress cravings and accelerate fat burning at the same time.

Prima weight loss reviews and experiences

One step to taking a closer look at a supplement is to look for real Prima weight loss reviews of real Customers. Here we found what we were looking for very quickly. There are already numerous customer reviews on the Internet from users who have already discovered Prima capsules for themselves. These reviews paint quite a positive picture. In addition to the high effectiveness and easy dosage, the good tolerability of the capsules is also emphasized again and again. Many people who were not satisfied with their body and weight were able to reduce and maintain their weight in the long term with the help of these capsules.

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 from CarlCarlson
27th March 2022
My wife gave me the "advice", a time ago, to lose some pounds. I mean, it is ok, I m kind of too thick (which I know). She helped me with giving me her Prima weight loss pills. With those pills it was really easy for me to reduce my weight within a short period of time after so much fruitless tries. As you can see, a real good product in my opinion!
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Prima weight loss experience experiences customer review test Prima

Prima weight loss capsules experiences reviews experience Prima

What does Stiftung Warentest say about Prima weight loss tablets?

Stiftung Warentest regularly tests many everyday products, but also cosmetics or dietary supplements. Prima weight loss caps have not yet been tested in detail by the foundation. If there will be any news about this subject, we will update our article accordingly.

Prima weight loss test – We present our result

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We wanted to check for ourselves whether the capsules really keep what they promise and answer this question with the results of our own Prima Weight Loss test. For our self-test, we compared different sources of supply and carried out a price comparison. In the end, we decided to order directly from the official online store. Our reader Sara volunteered to be the test person. Sara has a few pounds too much on her hips since her pregnancy and the working mother has little time for much sport. So she immediately agreed to test the capsules for us over a period of four weeks. After two days, we received our order – our Prima weight loss test could begin.

Week 1 → The test begins:

As indicated by the manufacturer, Sara took one capsule every day with lunch (her main meal) with 500 ml of water. The capsules are tasteless and easy to swallow.

Week 2 → The first check-up:

At the end of the week, Sara was able to report her first successes. Not only did she feel fit and energetic, she also noticed that her portions became smaller at each meal. This was also reflected on the scales – she had lost 1.5 kg.

Week 3 → The result:

Sara starts each day full of energy, no midday coma, no mid-afternoon cravings. Sara can also safely do without snacks in the evening, she feels full and has no appetite for unhealthy foods and all of this because of the effects of the Prima weight loss capsules.

Week 4 → The conclusion of our practical test:

Our test is drawing to a close. Sara was able to lose 3.8kg in these four weeks – a proud achievement. She neither starved herself nor did she exercise. With the help of these weight loss capsules, she was able to change her eating habits, eat fewer calories and lose weight. She likes her new figure but still wants to lose a few pounds, so Sara will continue to take the capsules. Sara’s husband was also thrilled, with other diets her mood was often in the basement. Here the opposite was the case, during the entire test period Sara was in a good mood, her mood very positive, because she experienced the weight loss successes without any restrictions.

Who are Prima weight loss tablets intended for?

Prima weight loss pills are suitable for all people who are dissatisfied with their figure and want to lose weight. The age of the user does not matter. This weight loss supplement can be taken by both men and women. People who want to lose weight to promote their health can also benefit from these capsules.

Intake and dosage of Prima weight loss pills

Prima weight loss intake

The manufacturer recommends taking one Prima weight loss capsule approximately 15 to 30 minutes before the main meal. The capsule is swallowed whole with about 500 ml of liquid.

What is the effect of Prima tablets?

Prima weight loss capsules have the following effect:

  • Act as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Prevent cravings
  • Promote fat burning
  • Give you more energy
  • Can even lighten the mood

Prima slimming pills ingredients

The Prima weight loss capsules contain the following ingredients:

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract: The hydroxycitric acid, abbreviated HCA, contained in this natural ingredient suppresses appetite and prevents carbohydrates from being converted to fat and stored in the intestines.
Filler: microcrystalline cellulose
Coating agent: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetable capsule shell)

Are side effects to be expected?

This diet booster consists of natural ingredients and is generally well tolerated. Side effects of Prima diet pills are not known so far.

Where can you buy Prima capsules?

The Prima weight loss tablets are not available in stationary trade and are therefore not offered in pharmacies or drugstores. You can order them conveniently on the Internet directly from the official online store.

What is the price?

The manufacturer offers the prima slimming pills at the following prices: One pack (30 capsules), 49,95 € plus 4,95 €shipping costs, two packs, 79,95 €, three packs, 109,95 €, no shipping costs. It’s always worth keeping an eye out for other discounts to save even more money on your purchase.

Frequently asked questions

The fact that the tablets are becoming more and more popular is also shown by the many positive Prima weight loss reviews that reach us. We also receive many questions about the slimming products. Here we have compiled some more interesting facts, answers and questions for you.

Can I buy Prima weight loss pills in a pharmacy?No, the capsules are not available in local or online pharmacies.
Are Prima weight loss tablets available on Ebay or Amazon?No, they are not offered on Ebay, but sometimes they are available on Amazon.
Are Prima weight loss capsules offered at DM or Rossmann?Unfortunately, Prima capsules are not offered in the major drugstore chains.
Is there a discount code for Prima diet pills?At the time of our research, we could not find any discount codes for the products but it’s always worth taking a quick look at the manufacturer’s homepage.

Prima capsules – Our conclusion

The Prima weight loss caps offer valuable support to all those who want to lose weight and are looking for help with weight loss. They help with natural ingredients to suppress the feeling of hunger and let the pounds fall – without yo-yo effect. It is not the cheapest preparation, but it’s definitely worth the money.

In addition, other customers are also absolutely convinced of the effectiveness of the tablets, as we know from numerous positive Prima weight loss reviews from other customers.