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A new food supplement called ColonBroom manages to eliminate unpleasant constipation. The preparation from the USA improves the intestines and promotes digestion. All this happens through a purely natural effect. Many people suffer from these unpleasant side effects. In this case, the powder provides the desired relief from the discomfort. In order to provide our readers with the most important information, we have prepared a detailed report on Colon Broom below.

What is ColonBroom?

What is ColonBroom

The food supplement is available in powder form. This is to make it easier for the person concerned to take. ColonBroom has purely natural ingredients and thus improves the intestinal flora and relieves constipation if necessary. The powder has a high-quality combination of active ingredients, consisting of fibre-rich substances and probiotics. In addition, the body functions such as the metabolism are promoted besides the actual relief of the suffering.

For whom would it make sense to take it?

According to the manufacturer, ColonBroom is supposed to improve the intestinal flora and help with constipation in particular, which would give users a positive effect. But since we don’t want to rely completely on the manufacturer’s statements, we subjected the powder to a self-test. But more on that later.

The Colon Broom preparation is suitable for anyone who has problems with digestion. A functioning digestive system is very important for the human organism. Anyone who has problems with digestion is most likely to suffer from a loss of quality of life. Above all, lack of sleep and limited vitality are frequent side effects of digestive problems.

Practical test – We put ColonBroom to the test

ColonBroom test

Our readers are very important to us. In order to avoid spreading untruths about the product and its effects, we decided to conduct a ColonBroom test. We set a test period of 4 weeks with a volunteer (Helena, 45 years old), during which she took the product as recommended by the manufacturer. Helena had already been suffering from digestive problems for several months, which occasionally ended in unpleasant constipation. Every attempt to use home remedies failed, but Helena did not want to use prescription medication yet. So our test suited her very well and she promised to stick to the guidelines.

Week 1 → We start:

The first appointment for our test period was coming up. Helena visited us in our office, where we had a detailed conversation with her. In an anamnesis sheet, we wrote down exactly her complaints, which she described to us. We handed her the product, which we had previously purchased from the manufacturer’s official sales site. According to the manufacturer, ColonBroom should be taken up to 2 times a day for a longer period of time to achieve optimal results. Our test person promised us to take the product properly and to report back to us weekly.

Week 2 → The first check-up:

The next week, Helena visited us again in our office. She reported that she already felt a first change in her body. Her bowel movements had already improved somewhat, but she was currently struggling with slight flatulence due to the unaccustomed fibre intake. In any case, she wanted to continue taking the product, which of course made us very happy. Regarding the intake, she told us that it was very easy. The ColonBroom powder tasted like strawberry and was easy to drink. She was not quite used to taking it about half an hour before a meal, so she set an alarm clock to remind herself.

Week 3 → Our interim status:

Our next appointment had arrived. Helena and we had a Zoom call, as she was on holiday. She told us her digestive problems had already improved. While taking the ColonBroom powder, she still had occasional stomach aches, but her bloating had all but gone. She also had no more constipation since she started taking the shake and was very happy about that. In the meantime, she had also got used to taking it before a meal and she still liked the shake. We asked her if she experienced any side effects. She immediately denied this question.

Week 4 → the conclusion of our practical test:

Our final appointment had come, the ColonBroom test came to an end. Helena came into our office and told us that she could live a completely normal life again. Her complaints had all disappeared, from the abdominal pain to the feeling of fullness to the constipation. She was very happy with the product and of course we were too. She told us that she would continue to take the product in the future in order to avoid the vicious circle of digestive problems. In conclusion, after our test, we can now say that for us Colon Broom is a product that delivers what it promises. The manufacturer has not exaggerated and has really developed an optimal preparation that brings relief from digestive problems.

Are there any ColonBroom experiences or customer reviews?

While our self-test was so positive, we wondered how other users fared with the product. We scoured the internet looking for testimonials. We found what we were looking for on various health websites, including the members’ area. The ColonBroom experiences were positive across the board, as was our self-test. We have summarised some information from the reports below.

Users wrote that they were able to treat their digestive problems with the help of the powder. A positive effect was seen especially with regard to flatulence, bloating and constipation. There is also talk of an improved quality of life and more energy. The ColonBroom testimonials also show that some users were able to lose a few kilos in weight. 

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 from JoleneJoy
April the 26th 2022
Thanks to ColonBroom, my feeling of fullness has completely disappeared. But not only that, because of the relieving feeling I finally sleep well again, my sleeping problems are completely a thing of the past. This has also improved my quality of life. I can absolutely recommend the product to anyone with similar problems!
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ColonBroom experience experiences customer review ColonBroom

ColonBroom customer review experiences review ColonBroom

Is there a test report from Stiftung Warentest?

The product, which actually comes from the USA, was only recently introduced to the European market. We could therefore not find a ColonBroom Stiftung Warentest and we really assume that it is related to this short period of time. Should we find a test result from the independent consumer organisation in the course of our work, we will add it here.

Are there any other official tests and studies on ColonBroom?

The market launch of the powder was only a few months ago. Corresponding tests or study results are therefore not yet available. For us, such results are no longer decisive, as we were able to determine a positive effect through our ColonBroom test. Numerous testimonials also confirm our statement.

How ColonBroom is taken and dosed

It was very important to the manufacturer that the application be kept very simple. The product should also be convincing in terms of taste. It has achieved both with flying colours. The strawberry flavour was found to be very tasty by many users, including our volunteer test person. ColonBroom is taken by mixing one scoop of the powder in a glass of water. Afterwards, another glass of water should be drunk. At the beginning, one shake per day should be taken. If necessary, two shakes can be taken.

Effect and onset of action

Our test person experienced the ColonBroom effect very quickly. Other customers also describe this phenomenon. Of course, everybody experiences a corresponding effect in different periods of time. However, no changes should be expected overnight. The manufacturer speaks of a period of 72 hours until a change occurs in the body. To achieve an optimal effect, the manufacturer recommends taking the product over a longer period of time.

ColonBroom ingredients and composition

The product consists of purely natural ingredients. Side effects are therefore rather rare, as they are usually well tolerated. We have taken a closer look at the individual ColonBroom ingredients so that you, the reader, can get a better picture.

Psyllium husks: This ingredient has lots of fibre, which supports digestion as well as the intestinal flora. This regulates bowel movements and treats flatulence and constipation naturally.

Crystallised lemon: For several years, lemon has been used to treat constipation. The reason for this is that different substances are found in the lemon itself, which make it easier for toxins as well as waste products to be transported out of the body.

Sea salt: This ColonBroom ingredient supports the body in cleansing the intestines. Detoxification occurs better as a result, so discomfort and problems are also alleviated naturally.

Silicon Dioxide: Better known as silica. Silica mainly aids digestion and at the same time supports intestinal health.

Citric acid: Citric acid is very often used for digestive problems and of course also for ColonBroom. A positive property of citric acid is that it additionally strengthens the immune system.

Possible side effects and risks

As described in the previous point, the product consists of purely natural ingredients. As these are usually well tolerated, there are no known ColonBroom side effects. However, it is possible that the human organism may have an allergic reaction to one or the other of the active ingredients. In this case, the intake should be stopped immediately, and a doctor contacted if necessary.

Where can I buy ColonBroom? Amazon, eBay, Pharmacy

ColonBroom can currently only be bought on the official sales page of the manufacturer. Drugstores and pharmacies do not stock the powder, as the product comes from the USA. If you find the product on Amazon or eBay, you cannot be sure that it is an original product. We therefore recommend ordering from the sales page. We also chose this route for our self-test and cannot report anything negative.

What price is offered?

The current ColonBroom price is 58.99 euros per can. The contents of the can are enough for 60 servings and thus for one month. An alternative would be the subscription option. This means that a can is sent out every month, but at the lower price of 49.90 euros. Shipping costs are not charged in either case.

The advantages of ColonBroom

It is a natural food supplement that alleviates or eliminates digestive problems. Furthermore, the active ingredient formula is good-free as well as free of genetic engineering and suitable for vegans, as there are no animal substances in it. Taking ColonBroom improves the quality of sleep, promotes concentration and increases energy and vitality. In some cases, even controlled weight loss can occur.

Frequently asked questions

We are convinced of the ColonBroom product and claim that this product is effective against digestive problems. We have summarised the most important questions and answers about the product below, in case there are any uncertainties.

How to take ColonBroom?

The manufacturer recommends taking it daily over a longer period of time to achieve optimal results. For this purpose, 1 measuring spoon of the powder should be dissolved in a glass of water. After taking the powder, another glass of water should be drunk. Colon Broom should be taken about 30 minutes before a meal.

Is the intake of ColonBroom combinable with a special diet?

Colon Broom can be integrated without further ado. The reason for this is the special active ingredient formula. Carbohydrates cannot result from the macronutrients it contains.

Is there a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer?

ColonBroom can be returned to the manufacturer if someone is not satisfied with the effect. Subsequently, the purchase price will be refunded. The return period is 14 days from the date of order.

Is there a ColonBroom voucher?

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any Colon Broom vouchers during our research. However, it is worth taking a regular look at the official sales page of the manufacturer, as savings offers or discounts are always offered there.

Is ColonBroom suitable for children?

The manufacturer states that Colon Broom is only suitable for people of adult age. If children experience digestive problems, these should definitely be clarified by a doctor in order to avoid subsequent symptoms.

ColonBroom Evaluation

With Colon Broom you can eliminate or alleviate digestive problems – this is definitely possible with the dietary supplement from the USA. The effective product consists of purely natural ingredients that are usually very well tolerated. Side effects and allergic reactions are virtually impossible. By taking the product, digestive problems such as flatulence, constipation and a full feeling are reduced or alleviated. The well-being increases again and some quality of life can be regained.

To achieve optimal results, the manufacturer recommends regular use over a longer period of time. The product is easy to take because of its strawberry flavour. Numerous testimonials as well as our self-test confirm the effect of the shake. For this reason, we can give the product a clear buy recommendation and recommend ColonBroom to anyone who is struggling with digestive problems.