About us – Senior Staff

Senior staff members are based at Africare’s international headquarters in Washington, D.C.

To reach Africare’s Africa-based staff, please visit Where We Work: select a country, then select the “Contact” tab.

Senior Management Team

Darius Mans
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Jeannine B. Scott
Senior Vice President
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Jack Campbell
Vice President of Finance and Management

Regional Directors

Ruth Mufute
Director, East and Anglophone West Africa Region

William P. Noble
Director, Francophone West and Central Africa Region

Peter M. Persell
Director, Southern Africa Region

Technical Directors

Clarence S. Hall, DrPH, MPH
Director, Office of Health and HIV/AIDS

Ange Tingbo
Acting Director, Office of Food for Development

Development & Marketing Directors

Cynthia Carson
Acting Director of Communications and Marketing

Cynthia Jacobs Carter, Ed.D.
Director of Development

Administrative Directors

J. Margaret Burke
Director, Management Services

Jean Denis
Director, Management Information Systems

Carolyn W. Gullatt
Director, Human Resources