Office of Food for Development (OFFD)


Africare Food Security Review

Over the past 20 years, with support from the United States Agency for International Development's Office of Food for Peace (USAID FFP) and Title II. of U.S. Public Law 480, Africare has gained extensive experience carrying out food security programs in Africa. Drawing on that experience, Africare has launched the Africare Food Security Review series of technical papers. Click here to learn more about the series, view introductory summaries and read the full-length papers.

Seeds of Change
Farmers in the Kaolack region of Senegal combine environmentally sound crop-cultivation techniques to feed themselves — and make a profit — over the long term.

Oil for Cooking Selling Like Hot Cakes
In some of the poorest countries in the world, rural villagers have more than doubled their annual incomes — as edible oil producers, in a groundbreaking program reaching Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Vita Goat Experience in Mozambique
Somewhere in Sussendenga district, in Manica Province in Mozambique, the compound is large and is not fenced like the other dwellings in the district. The visitor is immediately stricken by the exceptional cleanliness of this big place. Everything seems to be in order.