Be part of the miracle of Africare

Since 1970, Africare has supported Africa-based projects that make a difference. Clean water. Sufficient food. Literacy. Medical care. Agricultural development. Economic growth. Healthy children. Hope. These are just some of the words that people associate with Africare. For millions of people on the African continent today, Africare is working miracles by providing help where it is needed most.

At any one time, more than 150 Africare-sponsored self-help projects are underway in some 25 countries Africa-wide. These projects range from something as basic as digging a well for a drought-stricken village to training local health care practitioners in the most effective methods of teaching young people about the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Each Africare project, large or small, can only be made possible by the donations of people just like you. You can ease the suffering of a malnourished child or help a group of struggling women develop a money-making enterprise.

Africare makes these things possible — and Africare needs you.

Africare projects are African projects. Africare sustains and encourages efforts at the national and the grassroots levels. These projects are providing people with clean water and increased food production. Africare-funded projects are protecting and preserving the environment. Locally-focused health and education projects are bringing new opportunities to women and their children. Similar programs are teaching effective methods to control the spread of HIV/AIDS. Emergency relief is saving countless lives and restoring hope to refugees and the victims of natural disaster.

You can help the people of Africa attain a better quality of life and build a better future with their own hands.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can give will make a difference. Share the challenge and the success with us. Be part of the miracle that is Africare. Become a supporter today with your tax-deductible gift to Africare.

Africare is a member of the Global Impact and United Way workplace-giving federations and participates in the Combined Federal Campaign (New! CFC code #11107). Or, check to see if your employer offers a matching contribution program.