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Traditional + Conventional Medicine = Better Health

Seventy-two year old Djahountchi Djele has been treating children, pregnant women, and menin his village for years. Through Africare’s “Support for the Fight Against Malaria" intervention, his practices have combined traditional and conventional medicine to give his patients treat possible! Learn more>>

New Found Hope: Treating Obstetric Fistula

Virtually unknown in the developed world, obstetric fistula is all too common in remote areas of Zambia. Africare is supporting women to receive a life changing surgery to reverse the effects of the condition. Learn more>>

Africare Health

FEATURE STORY: Four-year Olds Learn to Combat Malaria and Teach Their Parents

Kande is a neighborhood in Ziguinchor Region, Senegal, characterized by an abundance of rain. As a result, malaria accounts for the highest number of health facility appointments. Those most vulnerable to contracting malaria are women and children under five. In February 2007, Africare started reimpregnating mosquito nets in schools especially designed for children under four (“Case des Touts Petits) through training the female monitors in reimpregnation techniques. Read More>>

Malaria Control at the Grassroots

Malaria is Africa's third-leading cause of death and the number-one killer of African children under five. Africare is extending malaria control to rural areas of Benin, where the disease is widespread.


Working with Traditional Midwives to Safe Lives

Home birth is a long-standing tradition in Liberia. Recognizing the wealth of cultural, contextual, and traditional knowledge among Traditional Midwivess, Africare-Liberia is using the respected roles of midwives to encourage birth preparedness and community-based emergency obstetric care. Learn More>>

Increasing Access to Child Health Through Multi-Sectoral Partnerships

“Children have a tendency to play in the dirt and put things in their mouths, and some of them grow worm problems in their stomachs.” Africare-Liberia is working with several partners in Bong and Nimba Counties to deliver treatment and prevention services for intestinal parasites to children in area schools. Learn More>>


Embracing the Responsibilities of Adulthood

At the young age of 21, Joseph Cooper already had four children. His parents took responsibility for raising his children since Joseph’s youth and lack of education made it difficult for him to support them. When Africare’s Improved Community Health Project (ICHP) came to his town offering a program for youth peer educators in health, he signed up to learn more about how to help his community. Learn More>>


Child Survival

One of every six African children will die before his or her fifth birthday. What's so striking is that almost all of those deaths are preventable. Read more >>


Public/Private Partnerships for African Health

Working together, Africare, African governments and American companies achieved results ― getting essential medicines to rural African clinics ― that none could have achieved alone. Read more >>


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