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“Economic development and prosperity are unifying visions. With a commitment to action today and a shared vision of a better tomorrow, Africare, corporations and local African communities act in partnership to strengthen our economic interdependence – improving the quality of life in Africa.”

– Katelyn Brewer, Director of Strategic Engagement

Partnerships between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the business community offer long-term potential for Africa’s economic development. As the private sector grows, so too does their stake in the health, well-being and future of their workforce and consumer base.

Africare selectively engages the private sector and forms effective partnerships to support programs strengthening local institutions and delivering positive results to communities.

Africare’s vision for corporate social responsibility (CSR) looks to create sustainable, mutually beneficial impacts with measurable returns, and Africare has worked all over the continent with corporations to not only improve the quality of life of those we serve, but also to enhance the economic impact of industrial growth in the countries where we work.

Why Africare

For more than 40 years Africare has worked with local communities, civil society and government officials addressing many of the most important challenges that corporations encounter when investing in Africa. During these four decades, Africare has developed strengths that are of particular value to our business partners.

  • Africare is a long-term and trusted partner in more than 19 countries, bringing the conviction of local communities, stakeholders and governments and convening power.
  • Africare possesses an intimate understanding of the needs of the private sector, local communities, civil society and governments, and can help businesses build relationships and navigate emerging challenges.
  • Africare’s non-partisan standpoint can serve as an essential “bridge” for businesses as they seek to develop long-term relationships with various stakeholders.

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Corporate Opportunities are Vast: How to Get Involved

Fund a Project
To effectively maintain the social license to operate, the private sector must proactively engage the community and understand the beliefs, perceptions and opinions held by local stakeholders.

The private sector can bring substantial benefits to local communities through direct and indirect employment, skills transfer, enhancements in health and education services, improved infrastructure and economic development. However, private sector companies must be prepared and willing to work with local communities to engage in cooperative efforts to ensure the success of their operations. Africare’s development strategy focuses on exploring partnerships with private sector companies who share Africare’s vision and values. Africare will work with you to customize projects that overcome challenges felt by community members and your business.

Support our Annual Dinner
In addition to work in Africa, corporations have chosen to support Africare through the largest fundraiser for Africa in the U.S., the Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner Gala. Africare’s honored and distinguished guests provide a perfect setting to promote innovative partnerships on the continent. Through various marketing initiatives surrounding the Dinner, corporations use this event to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development in Africa. The outcomes will be unimaginable, both in expanding a corporation’s brand and in helping the people who will define the world’s future.

Encourage Workplace Giving
Rallying your team to support your company’s efforts fosters a solid mission and increases team effort internally!

Pro-Bono Services or In-Kind Donations
Africare looks to partner with businesses in many ways – why not partner based on what you produce? Africare utilizes products in projects and distributes material at Africare events to promote effective partnerships to our network.

Cause Marketing
Africare forges partnerships with private sector companies that share the vision of empowering Africans. Through cause-related, mutually beneficial campaigns, Africare and its private sector partners generate greater awareness of issues confronting Africa and the global community, driving business, raising funds and improving lives in Africa.

Learn about some of Africare’s valued Corporate Sponsors here.

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How to Get Started

Contact Earlene Barnes, at We can explore ideas and opportunities that will inspire change and opportunity for a more sustainable Africa.

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Header Photo: Alexandra Seegers