Flash of Insight: Mobile App Tests for Anemia with Camera Flash


Do you remember your reaction when you learned a phone could access the internet or take pictures? Well, Africare/Tanzania is now researching if mobile phones can perform instant blood tests.


New Approaches to Nutrition Bear Fruit in Morogoro


Hadija Ramiya is a young mother living in Towero, one of a number of small villages dotting the hills of Tanzania’s Morogoro Region.

[Video] Celebrating Mothers and Sisters: Africare/Tanzania on International Women’s Day


Meet some of the women of Africare/Tanzania as they tell you what International Women’s Day means to them, what challenges women in Tanzania still face and how Africare is helping them build brighter futures.

Mwanzo Bora SBCC Kits: BBC Media Action Assessment


BBC Media Action’s research found that knowledge of key nutrition behaviors during pregnancy are very high among those interviewed and that Mwanzo Bora’s Social Behavior Change Communication Kit is helping parents feel comfortable asking questions about nutrition lessons they do not fully understand.

[Video] Now my baby is two months old. He is doing so great!


Some babies are chubby. Some babies are loud. Some babies are quiet. All babies are precious.

The alternate future of African farming

Where can you find the world’s largest tracts of uncultivated arable land? Africa. Where can you find the biggest and youngest workforce on the planet? Again, Africa.

How to Make a “Tippy Tap” Handwashing Station


Most readers won’t be able to understand the narration in this video, but that’s okay!

Learning from U.S. Nutrition Investments in Tanzania: Progress and Partnerships [PDF], January 2014 — Bread for the World Institute research profiles how Africare’s Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program addresses nutrition and builds local capacity in Tanzania.

Fruit for thought in Tanzania nutrition fight – Selemani Hussaini never though much about eating fruit in the past. The 46-year-old Tanzanian farmer mainly eats ugali, a thick maize-based porridge. Toss in a few cooked beans, tea or instant coffee and this completes a typical meal.

How Community Gardens are Changing Lives in Tanzania – Up in the lush Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro, Tanzania, a USAID-funded nutritional program, Mwanzo Bora (which means good start in Swahili) has been put in place to help increase local mothers’ breastfeeding rates, lower the number of expectant mothers with anemia, and provide parents with the nutritional know-how to properly feed their children a well-balanced diet.