The two expert teams from and NPAlliance are pleased and proud to be able to give the readers the good news that after much deliberation and preparation, we have decided to start a long-term and hopefully prosperous collaboration.

The common goal remains true to our motto: to inform society and the public about medical and health trends in order to be able to reduce health problems and complaints in general, not just in Africa.

In the following paragraphs you will find all the information you need about our new colleagues, our common goals and the reasons why our teams of experts have come together. We thank you, also in general, for your attention and hope that we can welcome you as a reader of our blog in the future.

What is NPAlliance and what are the main topics covered there?

Even if our focus was initially very much on the developments in the African health sector, as you probably know by now, we deal with many topics that are also fundamentally related to health, the health system, medical preparations or new developments in the health sector in general.

This is exactly where the NPAlliance team comes into play, because our new, competent and nice colleagues have also been dealing with similar topics for years, also in the areas of medical trends, promising new preparations – e.g. CBD and CBG products – and innovative and modern ones therapy options.

Will our choice of topics change in the future?

As you are used to from us, we will of course remain true to ourselves in this matter. Our main focus remains to educate the public better about therapy options and health issues in general in order to achieve the highest possible level of well-being in society.

An important focus of our experts remains on the latest developments in the African health situation and the various health systems there. But that’s not all. In the areas of general medicine and medical research, we can also set new standards in reporting with our new colleagues and cover even more health-related topics thanks to the increased expertise in our team.

What is our future goal and our focus?

As we said before, despite all the positive and exciting innovations, our blog and our work remain essentially the same. So it remains our task to write technical reports and product reviews, as well as to help with reader concerns and complaints and, if possible, to be able to solve the problems completely.

Also, one of the main features of our work remains that we always pay a certain attention to developments in the African market regarding health-related topics and developments. As you are used to, we will put most of our manpower into the following areas:

  • Health Advisors
  • CBD & CBG Products
  • Product Reviews & Recommendations
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Information About the Healthcare System

Summary & Outlook

We wish you a lot of fun with our articles and contributions in the future, and of course we hope that you will stay with us as a loyal reader. In any case, with the additional expertise of our new highly competent partners from NPAlliance, you have plenty of reasons to do so.

We would also like to take the chance to thank our new colleagues for the opportunity and trust. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers for their loyalty over the years, too, and call on you again to support us in our new and hopefully very successful and community-oriented project. Have fun on our blog & stay healthy!

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